I don't really enjoy Christmas. I'm a Christian, so I celebrate it... but I would argue that you could remove 90% of Christmas traditions and aesthetic without losing any of the religious meaning. In fact, you might get closer to the true meaning of Christmas if you got rid of a lot of the modern day consumerism and advertisements.

As a result of this, I'm not a big fan of Christmas music. I just associate it with stress and advertisements (two of my least favorite things), and given that stores often start pushing that stuff as soon as Thanksgiving is done, if not earlier, I am often sick of it by the time Christmas day actually arrives. So in an effort to still celebrate this holiday in my own way, I've found some alternative Christmas music I can actually enjoy.

Monstercat - Holiday Hits

First on my list is Monstercat's Christmas Album, "Holiday Hits". For those who don't know, Monstercat is an EDM label. FWLR's Deck the Hall (Time to Die) is far enough from the original that my brain does not associate it with the Christmas music played at the mall... or any other music played at the mall, for that matter. The lyrics tell the story of a robot invasion, and involve a robotic chant of the words 'Buy, Consume, Destroy, Repeat.' The perfect holiday song for anyone feeling a bit depressed about Christmas consumerism, in my opinion.

The Big Freeze - Crystal Clear

If you are familiar with vaporwave, it should be no surprise that there are vaporwave Christmas albums. Vaporwave is all about consumerism, and what's more consumerist than a mall in December? Crystal Clear by The Big Freeze uses distorted samples of holiday music and what I can only describe as 'corperate music'... creating a sound that may be a more accurate description of what Christmas has become than the holiday pop you hear on the radio.

Fantasy ☆ Deluxe Christmas Eve Holiday Special

Who doesn't like a Christmas movie? It's me, I don't like Christmas movies. Except the clay-mation ones, those are fine. And Charlie Brown Christmas. But many movies and other pieces of media in the 'Chistmas' genre, especially the live action holiday movies just seem a bit odd to me. I can't put my finger on why these movies seem weird... maybe its all of the dysfunctional families that are suddenly healed by the magic of Christmas and a good snowstorm. Maybe its how many of them completly ignore any of the relgious or historical origin of Christmas, and are just about 'family' and 'kindness' in the most vague sense. Whatever the reason, Fantasy Deluxe's Christmas Eve Holiday Special, seems like a good response to this odd genre, where the movies, commercials, and other media are given the full vaporwave treatment. Some of this stuff is much more enjoyable to listen to ironically.

Hopefully I've given you some suggestions to break up the endless stream of Santa Claus music you may be subjected to over the next month. Have a merry Christmas!

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