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Inazuma Eleven is a series of videogames, television shows, and movies, which ask a very important question - what if all the worlds problems could be solved using the power of youth sports! (and maybe friendship). In the world of Inzuma Eleven, all soccer players have some sort of super power. For example, some players can summon penguins to help them score goals, and others can coat the field in ice temporarily. Occasionally someone will use one of these abilities outside of a soccer game, but that's rare. The mechanics behind this are never really explained or explored, other than the fact that it works better if you believe in yourself.
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I stumbled across this show in 2021, and it quickly became one of my favorites, just because of how absurd some of the plotlines get. I haven't seen many sports anime, but I feel like they don't usually have multiple time travel plots?

The first television series' plot includes - fake aliens, real evil magic space rocks, fighting demons, and using youth sports to test your super soldier drugs.

The first movie is about time travel.

The spinoff's plot includes - soccer communism, time travel (again!), and a tornament to decide who's planet will get sacrified to a black hole (with real aliens this time!).

The reboot's plot includes - using youth sports to test your super soldier drugs (again!) and a hostage situation.

The second movie is about soccer communism but there's also a ghost.

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The character pictured is pretending to be an alien, as part of his adopted father's elaborate scheme to take revenge against the governments that refused to investigate his son's murder. He's speaking to another character who was on a greek god themed soccer team, before being beated by a soccer team that's not pretending to be gods, aliens, etc.

An alien comes to tell the earth that they have to participate in a galaxy wide soccer tornament to determine whose planet will get sacrificed to a blackhole. The alien threatens a human character by destroying the moon - by kicking a device that looks like a soccer ball at it really, really hard. The moon does not get restored at the end of the season.
Kidou's sister was sold a cursed braclet, marking her as the betrothed to a demonlord. If she doesn't marry him, he will destroy the earth. Kidou (pictured) and the other soccer players have gone to save her. They play a soccer game with the demons to win her back.
Kozoumaru (pictured) does not make the national soccer team, so he decides to go live in the woods and train there. While he's living in the woods he meets a bear, and proceeds to fight the bear as part of his training. After training in the woods with wild animals he is asked to join the national soccer team.

There are also inazuma eleven trading cards! I have no idea how the game is played, but the cards are neat!